CEO Brett Raynes – Disruption in the Cloud


“To claim that we know where we are on a wave, I’d be a little bit arrogant because some of the things that you see coming out today, none of us would have predicted a few years ago.

I think we all know that when it comes to technology, one thing I’ve learnt over time is that disruption always take longer to arrive than people predict. But when it does it’s always much more significant than they’ve ever thought it would be. So, I think we’re on the cusp of cloud going mainstream. For those companies that have either been large enough to have people dedicated enough to look at it, but the fact that it can go mainstream in its market adoption is where that’s going to free a whole bunch of businesses to do stuff we don’t know that they’re capable of doing.

So yes, you can get access to analytics that go from a spread sheet to a massive analytic system is hugely powerful to an SMB. And what you can then do with it is difficult to predict. One thing is true, change is constant, that’s the only thing we do know is constant is change, and what got you here today isn’t going to get you there tomorrow. And therefore, you’ve got to say well, it doesn’t matter what we’ve got now, you know, start from now and look at what’s available to us going forward, and that’s what a business can do. I mean certain industries are more able to do that and are more forward thinking where it’s very competitive and they have to adapt. The recruitment industry has to adapt; it’s so competitive, they’re always looking at new things. Certain other industries perhaps are being less. The legal industry for example, dare I say it, until the de-regulation that’s now upon them with TESCO law and all that sort of stuff. They’re only just starting to think about having to compete and then starting to look at new technologies. And those that do are just going to leapfrog the rest, and leave them behind.

But who knows what the future holds? It’s a constant change.”