CEO Brett Raynes – Drivers of competitiveness


“There is a trend towards greater automation and that automation is about driving more productivity into the business, fundamentally. No-one and no business should spend money on stuff that doesn’t add value to the customer. And so, automation not only improves quality and consistency but it drives down costs in the business that’s wasted costs. So that is a trend and it’s always been a trend and along with that automation comes the concept of outsourcing, in one sense.

Now, it’s always been understood that you should outsource functions that are both critical to the business, but non-core. And in doing so, you get the best people to provide that critical service, better than you could do internally, and it frees you to focus on what’s core for your business and therefore, can compete better.

So, both the combination of automating things, to drive down costs and make things more productive, and outsourcing things to specialists via a cloud delivery platform, are absolute trends that are going to drive the competitiveness of business.”