CEO Brett Raynes – fail forward and fail fast


“You used the term “failing forward” and we tend to use a similar term: “failing fast”. And I think we are seeing that businesses are more willing to just give it a go, it sounds like a little bit slapdash but it isn’t.

If you get some technology out there or launch a new project into the market and are able to see how it works and whether the customers like it very quickly, and therefore get to iterate and get into version two, three, four, five, six and you can get to version nine of something, whatever your product is, when someone else is still doing research and just about to launch beta and version one.

And that ability of “fail fast and learn” is evolutionary in one sense, you know “Darwinian” in another sense, it’s just very quick compared to how it used to be. And I think, yes, the sort of customers that we tend to work with are those that are adopting cloud, so probably naturally we see those that are more willing to do that. When we’ve tried to sell to other industries that are perhaps more conservative, I think that might not be the case but we don’t deal with them actually, so we deal with those that want to innovate and want to move fowarded very quickly.”