CEO Brett Raynes – Noise in the Cloud


“Cloud has done a great job at peaking the interest of the consumer and the business. In the industry we know that’s a refresh of different things: ASP, SAS and all sorts of out-sourcing that have been used before, but many of those terms haven’t sparked the interest of the consumer.

So cloud’s done a great job there, but it’s riddled with confusion. “Cloud washing” and all that non-sense and, I think, in many ways that if I go and ask someone in the street they think about storing my photos, and tunes and it’s nothing to do with delivering agility and productivity, and all that stuff into the business. And at the same time cloud is used to describe many things. I’ve heard it’s used to describe a monitor, a cloud monitor, because it was powered over the LAN. It’s used for out-sourcing, it’s used for storage, it’s used for computing, it’s used for the email, for voice, etc.

So, I think it adds a lot of confusion as well and I think one of the things the industry has to do is sort its act out in terms of providing clarity about what cloud really means to the business. To business in general.”