CEO Brett Raynes – Simplifying the Cloud


“So, I think in the IT industry itself – huge changes are going to go ahead and we want to capitalise on that in one sense by helping with that consolidation. And I think the changes that are happening, and we focus on the SMB, and the changes there are it’s all about the fact that they’re going to be able to be more productive, more agile, and therefore more competitive than they ever have been, if they adopt the right cloud technologies.

And in order for them to adopt the right technology, the cloud industry has to simplify what it does. Because it’s a big barrier for them consuming for the SMB that cloud stuff and it’s evidence in research because it’s too complex, too many vendors saying too many things that are too confusing and too different. And that’s why we focus all our efforts on pre-packaging technologies into solutions to make it easier to consume.”