CEO Brett Raynes – The Future of SMB


“I think the future of business is about the SMB as well. One of the things that’s held the SMB back has been lack of access to the best technologies, because it’s been too expensive to deploy in the first place and the vendor community, I think, has done a disservice to the SMB by providing them with cut down solutions.

And one of the things we’ve always wanted to do is get that enterprise-class technology available to the SMB at an affordable price. And cloud is the thing that’s allowing that to happen because the SMB can take the same, or if not better, than the multinational enterprise.

So the future is with the SMB if they can adopt that technology and then they can be faster and leapfrog those bigger companies. The potential then is huge for them to be, you know, the SMB is already a big part of the UK industry but you can be super disruptive if it can get access to latest things at an affordable price and then compete with those bigger boys. And that’s exciting.”