Include your Citrix environment in your Azure migration journey


Remote working is something of a necessity nowadays. Being able to access your systems and applications from any location is crucial to keeping customers happy.

Which is why it is important for your Citrix environment to run on the latest cloud infrastructure to optimise performance and security.

Moving your Citrix environment to Azure will enable your business to:

Run workloads on up-to-date technology

Enhance application performance

Only spend on what you need

Stay secure with the latest security threat protection

Access your applications with ease

We understand that your Citrix environment is the window to your line of business applications and the risks associated with upgrade projects. But have no fear we are experts in both Azure and Citrix technologies with the expertise to safely migrate your Citrix environment to Azure.

Already using Azure? Great! Our Citrix experts can help integrate Citrix with your Azure Infrastructure to provide your users with the best virtualisation experience. Whether that’s Citrix Cloud or On-Prem.

Get the best of both worlds

As an Azure Expert MSP and a Citrix Service Provider, we’ve got the capabilities to seamlessly incorporate your Citrix environment with Azure Infrastructure. Our Azure Expert MSP status gives us access to exclusive Microsoft funding and assessments for you to leverage. Sounds good, right? Start making the most of Citrix-on-Azure.

"We’ve taken a big step forward in terms of flexibility. Our staff can access our applications from any site or location. Whenever we need to provide access for any other site, the process is seamless."
Jason Moon – Head of IT, Simarco

Harness the true power of Citrix and Azure together

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