Cloud computing growth to rise

Cloud computing growth is set to continue into 2016, according to new findings.

A report published by Technavio predicted that ability of cloud-based solutions to outsource work to third-party organisations will help to boost take-up of cloud technologies.

However, the cloud computing market still remains quite fragmented and this is mainly due to the presence of numerous small, medium, and large players, which are providing more innovative solutions to the market all the time.

The research also predicted that in the US, the cloud computing market will grow at the compound annual growth rate of around 24 per cent by 2020.

In the teaching sector in particular, the report claimed that cloud computing plays a vital role in reducing the costs of building and maintaining the infrastructure associated with the traditional form of teaching.

When it comes to cloud technology, the public sector will be responsible for the majority (66 per cent) of the total market share by 2020.