Cloud Direct launches their Learning Hub

Why we launched the Cloud Direct Learning Hub

The margins between success and failure can be quite narrow when it comes to the cloud. After all, that’s why people choose to work with an expert.  

We want everyone to succeed, and that’s why we created the Cloud Direct Learning Hub. It is a free-to-access library of videos, articles, guides and mini-courses to help technical and business leaders learn everything they need to know about Microsoft Cloud. 


The importance of learning 

Learning is a huge part of our culture at Cloud Direct. ‘Always be learning’ and ‘more is in you’ are phrases you will hear across the business. And that applies to customers too. We take a ‘teach don’t sell’ approach with customer projects. And it’s not completely selfless. We know that an educated customer will understand our services, appreciate the value we add and invest in projects that benefit their business. 

By learning about Microsoft Cloud customers can understand how it can benefit their business, how to create a business case based on return-on-investment and how to plan and approach a project. That applies whether it is a new cloud project or optimising an existing environment. 


Understanding Microsoft Cloud end-to-end 

We have designed the Learning Hub so that it provides educational content across the cloud journey. Whether that is planning a migration, additional cloud services or improving what you already have. The content covers Azure, M365, Teams Voice, Azure Virtual Desktop and Zero-Trust Cloud Security. 

The content will help business and technical leaders make sense of the Microsoft cloud and understand how to use it to improve their business. 


Removing complexity 

“We want to help people make sense of Microsoft Cloud,” says Alex Bacon, Cloud Direct’s Head of Product and Marketing. “As the cloud market matures there is more innovation for businesses to consider. We want to remove the complexity of adopting Microsoft Cloud and help people understand what is possible. 

“We ensure our customers embrace best practices from Microsoft such as the Well-Architected Framework (WAF), Azure Sentinel and Zero Trust security. We believe to get the most out of Microsoft Cloud, businesses need to learn about it. We have a ‘teach don’t sell’ methodology and want to help business leaders and technical teams learn about emerging trends, benefits and considerations when planning their cloud strategy.” 


Getting the most out of the Learning Hub 

The Learning Hub provides content in bite-sized chunks. One of the best ways to digest the content is by taking one of the video or email courses. You can use the filters to help identify the subject and format that suits you.  

And we’re always here to help. Speak to one of our cloud consultants on live chat to help map a learning path for your business. And if there is a topic you’d like to know more about please let us know – we are constantly creating new content for the Learning Hub. 

Happy learning! Learning Hub – Learning Hub (