Cloud Direct preparing employees for the future of technology

We’re delighted to announce that as a leading Microsoft Cloud partner, we have signed up to the Partner Pledge. The Partner Pledge will help us share our vision and passion for helping the UK prepare for the challenges of the future.

Explore the changes we’re making to prepare the UK workforce for the technology of tomorrow.

Closing the digital skills gap 

We’re working alongside Microsoft to develop the digital skills needed that will help the UK prepare for the challenges of the future. The UK is currently facing a skills crisis, and we don’t have enough people entering the workforce with the technical and digital skills needed. New technologies are evolving and becoming a part of everyday business, and we need to prepare for the changes.

How? We’re launching a Technical Apprenticeship Academy to help the talent of tomorrow become the talent of today.

Technical Apprenticeship Academy  

To ensure we are closing the digital skills gap, we have taken on several apprentices over the years and have taught them the technical skills as well as soft skills. Many of them have moved up the career ladder and have become Technical Engineers and Software Developers. This year, we have decided to put more focus on Technical apprenticeships as we know that certain technical skills are hard to come by these days. Therefore, we’ve launched a dedicated Technical Academy to support young people to develop the skills they need to prepare for the future. We’re partnering up with UTC and Firebrand who will be teaching our apprentices the Microsoft and Cloud skills they need for the real world.

To succeed, we’re looking for people who are determined to learn, grow and willing to take any challenge they may face. We’re looking to share our knowledge and expertise with a generation ready to learn. And will transform them from the aspiring talent of today into the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Say goodbye to the IT gender gap 

The IT sector has always struggled to be diverse. Why? Many people think it’s because companies don’t want to employ females in tech. Wrong. It’s because there aren’t enough women signing up to these roles. Over 25% of women say at a young age they’ve been put off a career in tech as it’s too male-dominated. But it doesn’t have to be.

We’re working hard to encourage more women to follow their dreams and pursue their career in technology. We are shaking things up to bring out the brightest female talent within the tech industry by writing more appealing job adverts, working with technical colleges and presenting at local schools/colleges.

We’re trying to make a difference. We’ve now got the right partnerships in place to make the changes needed to the UK workforce. All we’re looking for now are people who want to grow with us on this journey. Take a look at our job openings today.