Cloud Direct retains Azure Expert MSP status

Cloud Direct is delighted to have confirmed its status as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) for the fifth consecutive year.

Microsoft set up the Azure Expert MSP programme five years ago to promote only the most capable and experienced of its more than 90,000 partners. Of those organisations, Cloud Direct is one of only 131 to be awarded Azure Expert MSP status, 58 of which are UK-based.

Following the successful completion of the audit process, Cloud Direct CEO Brett Raynes said: “Reconfirming our position as a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP is a great source of pride for the whole team. To have our level of service independently verified as being among the best in the world means we can continue working towards our goal of truly empowering businesses to achieve fearless growth.

“The Azure Expert MSP programme sets high standard for its partners, and we are incredibly proud to be part of it. As a result, our customers can continue having the utmost confidence and reassurance in our ability to deliver successful Azure projects.”

The process, which is conducted by an external auditor, saw the Cloud Direct team assessed on their ability to deliver Microsoft Azure managed service provisions at scale, including the skill to migrate and support infrastructure, data, and applications within Microsoft Azure at the highest level.

What does it mean for our customers?

Resecuring our Azure Expert MSP status confirms that we continue to serve our customers to the highest possible standard. We are empowering businesses to achieve fearless growth in ways that are safe, affordable, and achievable for them.

As an Azure Expert MSP, we will continue providing…

Better service

It’s simple, really: when you work with an expert, you get expert-level service. Microsoft has made it easier to verify the best partners by awarding this rigorous accreditation to a select few top performing partners. Every service that we offer, every customer interaction, is held to a higher standard. We love raising the bar because it makes us up our game and hop right over it.

Broader offerings

Whatever your business needs, we can deliver it. Keen on IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS? We can advise you. Ready to adopt mobile working or the Internet of Things? We know all about it. Need help with app migration, security, or compliance? We have experts in all areas.

Closer partnerships

Being one of the few Azure Expert MSPs in the UK brings us much closer to Microsoft. Our already close partnership is now much stronger, and all the benefits that come our way get passed directly on to you, our customers. Picture this: Microsoft’s capabilities and software paired with our expertise and skills, all working to better your business. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to find out how you can unlock fearless growth with Microsoft Cloud, get in touch with one of our Experts. We’ll show you what’s possible.