Enhance Your Azure Environment with Managed Service for Unrivalled Security and Performance

Ensuring the safety of your Azure environment is crucial, and our expert team is committed to delivering a comprehensive managed security approach that empowers you with control and peace of mind.

Real-Time Monitoring with Azure Defender

Rest easy with our ‘eyes on’ approach to security through real-time monitoring with Azure Defender. This proactive system continuously watches over your environment, promptly detecting and addressing any potential threats.

Continual Optimisation of Azure Security Management

Stay aligned with the latest and most efficient security practices for Azure with our optimisation services, allowing your environment to run at its peak performance.

Comprehensive Reporting and Metrics

As a managed service customer, you will receive comprehensive reports, optimisation summaries, and detailed metrics to keep you fully informed about the security work we are doing for you.

Managed Azure to the Well Architected Framework

Security is just one of the five essential pillars of our Well-Architected Framework. Our team of Azure experts ensures your environment is constantly monitored and proactively managed, combining all five pillars to create a resilient and high-performing setup.

Experience Active Threat Hunting with Sentinel

Take advantage of Microsoft Sentinel, the leading SIEM/SOAR solution built for the cloud. By adding Managed Sentinel and a Security Operations Center (SOC) to your Azure Managed Service, you gain access to 24x7 threat hunting and advanced security management.

Why Cloud Direct?

Security is at the heart of everything we do, but don't just take our word for it.

Top 5 benefits of Azure Managed Service 

To help you understand the value of an Azure Managed Service, we’ve compiled the top five benefits our customers love. 

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