Azure Security Assessment

Azure security is a moving target. There are a wealth of recommendations to get your head around, but it’s not easy to absorb. The key is to match those recommendations with what’s important to you – your business objectives. 

How does it work?

Understand your objectives

Azure security is almost limitless. The key is to identify your priorities, how security can play an important role in achieving them, and where the optimal gains are. 

Secure Score analysis

The next step is to run a deep dive into your Azure security recommendations. Based on your objectives, your security recommendations will be categorised by impact and ease. 

Deploy security enhancements

With a prioritised set of actions in place, our consultants will deploy security enhancements using infrastructure as code (IAC). 

“Around 80% of what we do now is focused on helping the business to move forward. We don’t worry about maintenance or upgrades at all thanks to Cloud Direct.”
Jason Moon - Head of IT, Simarco

Make sense of Azure security 

Check out everything you need to know about Azure security with our video series, blogs, and mini-courses on our Learning Hub. 

Optimise and strengthen your security

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