Strengthen Your Azure Security with Expert Guidance

Azure security is an ever-evolving challenge, with a multitude of recommendations that can be overwhelming to grasp fully. We understand the importance of aligning security practices with your unique business objectives. Let our team of security specialists assist you in fortifying your Azure environment to safeguard your critical data and operations.

How does it work?

Our approach is designed to cater specifically to your business needs and priorities. Here's how we help you enhance your Azure security:

Understand your objectives

We start by comprehending your business objectives, as they serve as the foundation for all security efforts. By understanding your goals and operations, we tailor our recommendations to ensure that security supports and aligns with your core business processes.

Secure Score analysis

Our security specialists conduct a comprehensive Secure Score analysis of your Azure environment. This in-depth assessment provides a clear picture of your current security posture, helping identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Deploy security enhancements

Based on the analysis and your specific objectives, we categorise security recommendations by their impact and implementation ease. This process results in a prioritised set of actions that will have the most significant positive effect on your security posture. Our experienced consultants then deploy these security enhancements using infrastructure as code (IAC) to ensure efficiency and consistency.

“Around 80% of what we do now is focused on helping the business to move forward. We don’t worry about maintenance or upgrades at all thanks to Cloud Direct.”
Jason Moon - Head of IT, Simarco

Make sense of Azure security 

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Optimise and strengthen your security

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