Microsoft 365 security assessment

Safeguard Your Hybrid Work Environment

In the age of Hybrid Work, where work happens anytime, anywhere, and on any device, ensuring robust security is paramount. Cyber threats are on the rise, and data breaches can be devastatingly costly. Don’t leave your organisation vulnerable to risks. Partner with our expert security specialists to fortify your Microsoft 365 environment and protect your valuable data.

At Cloud Direct, we understand the unique challenges posed by Hybrid Work. To counter these threats effectively, we rely on Microsoft Secure Score, a powerful tool that assesses your security performance and recommends customised actions for strengthening your defenses.

How does it work?

Microsoft 365 licence review

Microsoft 365 offers various licensing options, each with different security capabilities. Our first step is to review your current licensing stack thoroughly. We’ll identify any gaps and suggest appropriate license changes to enhance your security posture significantly.

Secure Score analysis

To provide you with a comprehensive security evaluation, we’ll analyse your Microsoft Secure Score in-depth. This analysis will reveal your security strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to benchmark your organisation against similar ones. With clear and actionable recommendations, you’ll know precisely where to focus your efforts.

Deploy security enhancement

Executing our recommendations is made hassle-free with our remote security deployment service. Our experienced team will configure your Microsoft 365 settings to empower end-users, protect your critical data, and enhance your visibility of potential risks. Rest assured that your organisation will be better equipped to handle any security challenges.

"Rather than simply focusing on the technology, Cloud Direct’s specialist engineers listened to our business needs before exploring the different solutions that could work for us.”
Sanjay Sood - RSM Global

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Get to grips with the basics of Microsoft 365 security and learn how to utilise your Microsoft 365 licences to keep your business secure. 

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