Zero Trust Discovery & Design

If you are not confident in the security of your company’s data and devices, you are not alone. Many businesses fail to make security a priority and are hindered by complexity and cost.

Traditionally, organisations relied on the ‘castle and moat’ approach to protect their systems. This is the idea that you put a protective ring around your system to keep intruders out. That doesn’t work in the cloud.

The methodology of Zero Trust is simple: the right users get the right level of access at the right time. The reality is that it can be challenging to conquer without the stepping stones in place to make it achievable. 

The good news is that a Zero Trust Assessment starts right at the very beginning to set you on the right path – both technically and operationally. 

How does it work?

1:1 Workshop

Dedicated time for a walk through of the Zero Trust methodology and Microsoft’s six pillars of security. 

Review readiness

A security consultant will walk you through a tool to evaluate your operational readiness against each security pillar.

Cyber security assessment

Access to a Microsoft-funded cyber security assessment to paint a clear picture of security across your cloud and on-premises environment. 

Plan next steps

Combining operational readiness and assessment data, Zero Trust roadmap can be drawn up for a phased and managed approach. 

"51% of business leaders are speeding up the deployment of Zero Trust capabilities"

Microsoft Zero Trust Security Checklist

Our Zero Trust security checklist will help you self-assess your progress in adopting a Zero Trust security strategy and determine your Hybrid Working readiness. We’ll dive into the specific Microsoft tools available for you to start defending the six pillars of Zero Trust; Identities, Devices, Applications, Data, Infrastructure and Networks.

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