More is in you

Looking to jumpstart your career or jump ship to a new vibrant growing industry?  You could:

  • Be paid to learn

  • Gain hands on experience

  • Have structured training

At Cloud Direct we want to build a community of people who think differently. To grow our business and thrive we need to be different. Not just in the way we do business, but in the people we hire.

Technology is always changing, so to stay at the top of our game we are always learning and improving our knowledge. We believe that success depends on great minds not thinking alike.

We’re looking for curious minds

You don’t need to be technical to thrive in the tech industry. Through our Academy programme, we’ll collaborate with you to strengthen the skills you already have and help you develop new transferable ones.

Whether you have a degree or are looking to create a career, what really matters to us is that you have a desire to learn and progress.

We will support you to succeed

You’ll be supported throughout your journey as you shape your new career with personal mentorship from our in-house experts.

Receive hands on, real experience and gain transferable skills with access to the latest technologies. If you’re willing to learn we’re here to share our knowledge and experience.

We want people who want to achieve

We’re developing a culture of vibrant, energetic individuals. We need people with ambition, creativity, versatility but not least personality.

 “Be the kind of person who takes the initiative to doubt the default and look for a better option.” – Adam Grant, psychology professor and author

Are you ready to make a difference?