Considering the leap to cloud migration? Here’s what our customers say

If you’re thinking about taking the leap to cloud services, you want to be confident you’re doing the right thing for your business. Since 2003, we’ve migrated numerous organisations to the cloud. Find out about some of their experiences. This blog looks at:

  • IT security
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Time and cost savings
  • Quality of service and people
  • Remote working
  • Other cloud IT providers

Peter Howlett, CFO, Pactum Asset Management, said:

About our people

“I fully entrust 90% of our technology to Cloud Direct. They’re all true professionals who actually understand what you’re talking about. Right from the start they’ve been open and have got straight down to problem-solving. They’re really helpful.”

“In our size of a firm, you aren’t normally going to have cloud IT specialists. Even if you do have an IT person, they’ll be a software person who knows a little about hardware and infrastructure – but they won’t be able to touch what Cloud Direct can do for your business.”

About security

“Frankly, any small or medium business that isn’t considering cloud is off their head. (Peter doesn’t mince his words!) People need to get over any misplaced feelings of a lack of security. They need to come to terms with losing a degree of control. Once people get over their fears, their businesses can really benefit from packaged cloud.”

About our technology

“They give us proper remote access, truly integrated across our business, telephone and IT systems.  The processing power of the servicers Cloud Direct provides far exceeds that of even relatively high spec PCs. They’ve even integrated us with Bloomberg. They’re streets ahead of the competition.”

About saving money

“Without a doubt it’s cheaper. Especially if you consider the costs of upgrades, processing and software – it’s dramatically cheaper.”

About saving time

“More than anything, Cloud Direct’s service takes 90% of the responsibility for IT out of my hands. Before Cloud Direct, IT management would suck up all of my time. If something were to go wrong, I could easily spend two days sorting it out. Cloud Direct takes away the big unknown from a time perspective and puts the IT responsibility firmly into the hands of people who truly understand it.”

About the competition

“No-one could give us everything we wanted – until we found Cloud Direct. Not only did Cloud Direct say they could do everything – but they actually could. I was really surprised to discover that our incumbent IT service provider – a major player in London – was unable to deliver more than around a third of what we wanted. My research results for other providers was equally sparse.”

John de-Pulford, IT manager, London & Continental Railways (LCR):

About our people

“Cloud Direct’s people are enthusiastically innovative. They’re always prepared to go the extra mile.”

About working from anywhere

“As long as employees have internet access, they can work from anywhere.”

Steve Pickering, practice manager, McParland Williams

About our technology

“One of the best technology investment decisions we’ve made.”

About our service

“It’s a service that really does do exactly what it says on the tin. I’m so delighted that I’ve recommended Cloud Direct to many of my commercial clients.”

Sam Carew, IT manager, Efficio International Consulting

About remote access

“We recently had a situation where an employee in Belgium lost his machine on a routine business trip. Fortunately he was able to use a web browser and securely log into the web portal and retrieve files.”

If you’d like to find out more about what our customers think, please visit the ‘case studies’ section of our ‘Resources’ page. You can find it here: Case Studies CTA