Database Administrator-as-a-Service

Have an expert take care of your database

Whether it’s on-premises or cloud-based, your database systems must be maintained and continuously optimised for overall availability and consistent performance. With this comes policies and processes for backup and recovery plans to help recover following a natural disaster or human-made error. But how do you do all this? We can help! Instead of you hiring a new employee, we offer a SQL Server Managed Service where we monitor and administer your databases around the clock.

Your data is your most valued asset

DBAs are responsible for securing, managing and maintaining database platforms. But DBAs are hard to find because there’s a data skills shortage in the UK, making the process long and expensive. This is why DBAaaS is the efficient and cost-effective alternative.

What DBA management can bring

No single point of failure

It’s better having two or more DBA’s, so there’s always someone to take care of your database estate when one is taking time off. DBAaaS is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time DBA.

Access skills immediately

Avoid the long, expensive recruitment and onboarding processes. With DBAaaS you get access to fully certified experts ready to work instantly.

Greater value

Get a dedicated DBA resource without the long-term investment with access to in-demand and hard to retain skills.

Get the service you need with DBA experts

We're recognised as one of Microsoft's leading partners for Microsoft technologies including Data & AI. This makes us one of Microsoft's most trusted partners in the world! Meaning you’ll have peace of mind your Azure environment and database systems are in safe hands. We’ll help you design, implement, maintain, secure and take care of the operational aspects of on-premises and cloud-based databases. Achieve increased security and optimal performance.

Modernising your business data strategy

Our Azure and Data Experts have created a video series in our Learning Hub to help you understand the steps you need to take modernise your business data strategy. During this series they cover:

• Your current data state
• Bringing your data together
• Implementing best practice
• Starting to ask questions about your data
• Aligning your data to the business strategy


Extend your team with DBA experts

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