Employee Spotlight: Georgia Greensides

Georgia Greensides works as a Sales Development Representative in our Bath office and has been with Cloud Direct since August 2021.  We managed to ask Georgia some questions about her time with Cloud Direct so far. Find out more about Georgia’s journey with us below.


What’s your role in Cloud Direct? 

I’ve been a Sales Development Representative at Cloud Direct for almost a year now. This role is focused on being the first point of contact for new leads that are engaging with Cloud Direct and involves reaching out to new leads, promoting Cloud Direct’s events and qualifying customers before passing them over to the sales team.


What brought you to Cloud Direct, and how did you get here?

I needed a job once I finished University to fund my ASOS addiction!

As part of my degree, I completed a placement year at a technology company as a Business Development Intern. Upon completion I decided that I wanted to leverage what I learnt during my placement year and re-join the industry – it’s everchanging, meaning it never gets boring! I chose Cloud Direct because of its ambitious growth plans and reputation as one of Microsoft’s closest partners.


What does your average day look like?

At least 2 Pret Coffee trips, and in between those I spend most of my day on the phone talking to prospects or on LinkedIn reaching out to new contacts, promoting Cloud Direct and our upcoming events.


What do you enjoy the most about your job and working for Cloud Direct?

Most importantly, dogs are allowed in the office! Plus the head office is located in the centre of Bath, meaning it’s only a 2-minute walk from Pret for Coffee breaks and Juno for after-work Pizza and Wine! As my job is focused on engaging with new leads, I am always broadening my knowledge and learning something new – making every day interesting!


What project have you worked on that you’re most proud of?

I was the first addition to the new Sales Development team, meaning for a couple of months it was just myself and my manager, Mateusz! This was a great opportunity for me to fully immerse myself in the role and help shape how things were done moving forward with Mateusz.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Going on hot holidays, walking my dogs and going to the gym.


How has Cloud Direct supported your career?

Firstly, I have a great manager who gave me flexibility with my time to be able to complete the final few modules of my University degree.  Cloud Direct has also helped me figure out what I want to do and how I progress into that role by creating a clear career path, where I can gain certifications along the way like Azure Fundamentals.


Want to join the team?

We are always looking for the brightest and most curious minds to join our ever-growing team. If you think you have something to offer, or would like to see what job openings we currently have, then visit our careers page.