Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Solution Partner Designations

Microsoft launched their Partner Solution Designations at the start of October, are you aware of what these are and how they impact the way you find the right Microsoft Partner? We’ve published a blog post to answer any questions you may have.

How are they different from the old Microsoft Competencies?

In early 2022, Microsoft announced their plans to change its Microsoft Partner Network, which was designed for the on-premises world, by bringing it up to date with the new Cloud computing age with the Microsoft Cloud Partner Programme. As part of this change, Microsoft decided to ditch the Silver and Gold Competencies, and replace them with Solution Partner Designations.

The new designations significantly raise the bar and encompass a greater breadth and depth of requirements and expertise that partners must meet. Making it easier for you to identify, and then work with their most capable partners.

What are the Solution Partner Designations?

There are six Solution Partner Designations, making it simple to identify Microsoft’s most capable partners and understand which partner has the technical capabilities and experience to support your ambitions. These six solution areas are:

  • Infrastructure
  • Modern Work
  • Security
  • Data & AI
  • Digital & App Innovation

Attaining these designations is more stringent than ever before. Microsoft is measuring partners’ success by analysing their capabilities in performance, skilling, and customer success. Once a partner has secured a Solution Designation, you can have peace of mind that Microsoft trusts them to deliver your projects to the highest standard.

“The Solutions Partner designation demonstrates your organization’s technical capabilities,  experience, and ability to deliver successful customer outcomes aligned to the Microsoft Cloud”

Nicole Dezen – Chief Partner Officer and Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft

How will this impact you choosing a partner?

The recent launch of Solution Partner Designation will, hopefully, have a positive impact on the way you qualify and decide on Microsoft Partners to work with. They’re designed to provide you with an exclusive, consolidated list of partners to choose from. Helping you make your decision on who to partner with, simpler.

Has Cloud Direct secured any badges?

Microsoft has announced that we are not only one of their first partners to qualify for Partner Solution Designation, but they have accredited us with five Solution Partner designation badges; Infrastructure, Modern Work, Security, Data & AI and Digital & App Innovation. And not to mention that we secured 100% on the Infrastructure and Modern Work designations. This puts us among Microsoft’s most cable, and trusted, partners in the UK.

If you have any questions about the recent launch of Microsoft Solution Partner Designations or would like to find out how you can leverage our capabilities to accelerate your Microsoft project, then simply get in touch.

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