More bang for your buck: getting the most out of Office 365

You’ve done it. Finally, your company has jumped onto the Office 365 bandwagon. Now, you’re faced with another hurdle. How do you prove to your CFO that Office 365 was worth the investment?

The answer lies in adoption

Forrester outlined that a successful full adoption of Office 365 can give you an ROI of 162% within three years. And the ROI of full adoption goes far beyond the financials.

Think about all the ways for employees to increase their productivity. If you want a figure on that, we’ll give you one. Office 365 can save 30 minutes of lost productivity per user per day.

Not to mention the doors that can open in other areas of your business. That flexible and remote working policy HR need to attract the A-class talent pool? Achievable, now cloud has freed your business.

But, unfortunately one of the top reasons why full adoption seems unattainable is because people don’t like change. We usually say to these people: you will like irrelevance even less. But there are better ways to motivate employees’ to fully adopt Office 365.

Meet your employees needs and send your adoption rates sky high

Training is key to the rollout process. So, if yours felt like it was anything but smooth, we have something for you.

We’ve teamed up with the Mandarine Academy to offer 12 months FREE training to any businesses that move their Office 365 subscription over to Cloud Direct (or upgrade to Microsoft 365) when they also take out our support.

The training is specifically designed to ensure that your users fully adopt Office 365:

  1. Every area of the business is covered, with suggested courses filtered by job role.
  2. Training is intuitive and allows your employees to go at their own pace.
  3. Gamification creates a competitive buzz around the training initiative and makes learning fun.

Your users can very quickly get up to speed with the capabilities of Office 365. What’s more, your training will never be outdated. Updates are in sync with Office 365, so the content is evergreen.

We’re about teaching, not selling

Here at Cloud Direct, we’re about teaching not selling. We want you to stand on your own two feet.

That’s why our Office 365 training is there for employees to educate themselves, at their own pace. Oh, and our 24/7 support is world class.

Think your current Office 365 provider is still up to scratch? We thought not. Get in touch today to book a consultation call.