How can Microsoft 365 keep your business secure?

Recorded webinar

Discover how you can benefit from Microsoft’s $1 billion annual investment into cyber security.

Microsoft 365 is more than just another productivity suite. It’s a powerful solution that will help you identify and mitigate any threats to your business.

Our Modern Workplace Expert, Demetri Nicolaou, is hosted a webinar to help you understand what makes Microsoft 365 the most secure workplace solution as part of our webinar series: Building the business case for Microsoft 365.This webinar will open you up to the powerful security tools available in Microsoft 365 and how your business could benefit from them. During this webinar Demetri will take a deep dive into:

  • How the threat landscape has changed and the importance of staying secure
  • How Microsoft 365 can keep your business secure
    • Identity Protection
    • Device Management
    • Data Protection

This webinar lasts 30 minutes.

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