How Microsoft 365 can create a culture of collaboration

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Collaboration is at the heart of Microsoft 365.

More businesses are offering flexible or remote working to help keep up with workplace demands. Microsoft 365 unlocks the modern way of working – it enables businesses to work anytime from any location. But how? We’re hosting a webinar to help you understand the true collaboration capabilities of Microsoft 365 as part of our webinar series: Building the business case for Microsoft 365.

Who’s this for?
Anyone who is thinking of moving to Microsoft 365 and would like to find out more about the features available to improve collaboration within your organisation.

Why sign up?
During this webinar, our Collaboration Expert, Mark Phillip dives into:

  • The collaboration tools available in Microsoft 365 – Yammer, Planner, One Note and more
  • Collaborating across multiple devices
  • How Microsoft Teams can bring everything together

Sounds good, right? Watch the webinar now.


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