Setting and changing an Attix5 backup account password

Backup account password

You can select whether or not the Backup Client should prompt for the Backup account password. Three options are available:

  • Never (default): The Backup Client remembers the Backup account password when doing a backup or restore.
  • When doing a restore: The Backup Client prompts for the Backup account password when opening the Restore tab.
  • When loading the Backup Client: The Backup Client prompts for the Backup account password when opening the Backup Client and the Restore tab.

Initial set up

The Attix5 Backup account password initially created using the Setup Wizard when setting up a new Backup Account. See knowledge article, "Creating an Attix5 backup account and schedule" for details of how to create a backup account password as part of the new backup account procedure.

Changing the backup account password

The Backup account password may be changed as follows.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

Alternatively, click the Options button on the toolbar:

The Options and Settings window appears, opening on the Backup Account page.

If the Backup Account page is not shown, then select it from the left hand navigation pane.

  1. In the Security section, click the Change password button.

The Account settings change window appears.

  1. Enter your Old password.
  2. Enter a New password, then enter it again in the Confirm new password text box.
  3. Click OK.

A Changing Account Settings window appears briefly as Attix5 makes the required change to the account password. The account password has now been changed.