Remote Office

The Remote Office feature allows a User to access, and use all of their Cloud Direct features, (for example; extension dialling, transfers, conference calls, Outlook Integration, and group directory), from any phone, including a mobile phone. This feature is particularly useful if you travel frequently, work from home or a remote office, or are a completely mobile worker. In addition, since calls are still originated from Cloud Direct, the feature provides an easy mechanism for separating personal and business phone expenses, as well as keeping alternate phone numbers private. You can present a consistent business identity from wherever you are currently located.

To use the feature, Users simply enter the phone number of their current location and activate the Remote Office feature. From that point on, their usual Cloud Direct location is temporarily overridden by the newly configured location. When the feature is active, all incoming calls to Users are redirected to their Remote Office location and are subjected to the User's inbound services.

Users can originate calls from their Remote Office location through the Toolbar click-to-dial capability. This ensures that calls are processed by Cloud Direct as normal originating calls, and are subjected to the User's outbound services, and will present the User's Cloud Direct outbound Calling Line ID.

Remote Office will allow Users to receive calls from any Hunt Group or Call Centre that they are a member of in any location where there is a valid phone number configured in the feature.

This feature allows Users to manage active calls as usual through the Toolbar. This provides the Users with their Cloud Direct profile and features from any addressable phone on the network or from the PSTN.

When the feature is active, a reminder is provided on the User's Toolbar, indicating that incoming calls are redirected to an alternate destination.


Setting up Remote Office from the Toolbar

The Remote Office feature can be activated and deactivated, and the alternate location configured, from either the Business Portal, or through the Services tab on the Cloud Direct Toolbar. Once a remote location is configured, the User can activate and deactivate the feature as required by clicking on the Remote Office icon on the Toolbar. This article describes how to configure Remote Office from the Toolbar.

To configure and activate the Remote Office feature through the Cloud Direct Toolbar:

  1. On the Toolbar, click the Services tab.

The Remote Office page opens.

  1. Select the Remote Office option from the navigation pane on the left.

  1. Select the On radio button.
  2. In the Remote Office Number box, enter your Remote Office phone number – a valid number from which you can access your Cloud Direct service.
  3. Click Apply.
The Remote Office feature is now activated.