Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Activation Guide

Organisations are struggling to meet the challenges posed by the influx of consumer-oriented technology into the workplace, and by the growing expectation of users to access all of their work resources from any location on any device. The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is designed to help organisations meet these challenges by providing a people-centric IT solution that gives users access to corporate resources from the devices of their choice, while making it easier for IT administrators to securely manage devices, data, and applications across platforms.

EMS provides access to three separate cloud services:

  • Azure AD (Active Directory) Premium
  • Windows Intune
  • Azure RMS (Rights Management Service)

All three may be accessed through a single EMS activation process. 

Attachments to this article

The document attached to this article is produced by Microsoft to help new EMS users. It provides information on how to get started activating the Microsoft EMS for customers and partners. It is not intended as an exhaustive guide, but describes a 4-step process for EMS activation set up and includes, at the end, a list of links to further useful information.

enterprise mobility suite getting started guide.pdf