LiveVault Disaster Recovery

Recovering an entire computer is a disaster recovery. You perform a disaster recovery of your computer in the event of a disaster such as a hard disk failure or corruption, the inability of the operating system to start, a corrupted operating system, or a physical machine loss. 

A disaster recovery includes rebuilding the server, reinstalling the operating system, then restoring all the data and the System State that was backed up with LiveVault. The restoration includes the full operating system with configuration information, your applications and configuration information, and all of your data, provided this information was backed up. 

If you need to do a disaster recovery, then please refer to the LiveVault, Disaster Recovery Guide, located on the Cloud Direct website. This is an invaluable guide to help you through the complex steps of a full disaster recovery.

Important Note:
If you require advice or assistance with your disaster recovery action, then please do not hesitate to contact Cloud Direct Technical Services, on 0800 368 1831, or email