Datto Workplace Online account types

There are three different account types used with the Datto Workplace Online product from Cloud Direct:

  • Super Administrator
  • Administrator
  • Team Members

A fourth account type, Connections, is no longer available. Connections are restricted users that cannot be allocated storage, and therefore cannot create or own Projects or backup their computers.

This article briefly describes each role, and includes a useful table showing the features available to each role.

Super Administrator

In addition to the feature set available to Administrators, Super Administrators can access the Team → Manage Projects tab within Datto Workplace Online. This allows this user type to view and manage files stored by all users within that Datto Workplace Team, regardless of whether the Project is shared or not!


Administrators are users who are authorised to perform administrative and billing functions, and manage the accounts of other users within the team. In the creation of a new Datto Workplace Team, the creator of the new account is the Default Administrator.

All Administrators are responsible for billing issues related to their Team Members. Administrators can, at their sole discretion, terminate the account of a Team Member.

Team Members

Team Members are regular, unrestricted users of Datto Workplace. They may be individuals or direct employees of companies that have contracted Cloud Direct to make the services available to the Team. A Team Member may be given Administrator rights by the Default Administrator.


Super Admin



Manage all Projects


Create Super Admins


Create Admins


Create Members


Reset Users Passwords


Allocate storage quota


Administer Active Directory


Administer Team Policies


Administer Sales Force Integration


Create and view reports


Remotely wipe Team Members devices


Backup Files

Create Projects

Share Projects

Utilize the Desktop Agent and Mobile App

Everything Else