SkyKick - Cloud Backup and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The information contained in this article has been provided by Cloud Direct's partner, SkyKick.


Cloud Backup and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) increases the security of user logins for cloud services by requiring more than a simple password. For more information, see Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365.

Microsoft currently does not support Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via an App Password for Office365 PowerShell commands. This prevents the SkyKick platform from automating the authentication process for Cloud Backup.

Cloud Backup only makes PowerShell calls for the Global Admin. Therefore, MFA must only be turned off (and remain turned off) for the Global Admin on the account.

If you want all users, including the Global Admin, to have MFA turned on, the following can be done:

  1. Create an unlicensed service account with Global Admin permissions in Office 365. specifically for the Cloud Backup subscription.
  2. Use this account as the Global Admin for Cloud Backup.
  3. Do not enable MFA for this account

SkyKick automation also creates additional non-MFA-enabled Global Admins within the Office 365 tenant to streamline backup processes. To maintain full functionality, these must not be changed or deleted.