Making sense of Funded Microsoft Assessments

On Demand Webinar

Discover the funded assessments available to accelerate your Azure journey

As one of Microsofts closest partners and an Azure Expert MSP, we have access to a number of assessments to help accelerate and de-risk your Azure journey.

We’ve recently run a webinar in partnership with Microsoft to help you understand what’s available to support your decision making and adoption of Microsoft cloud technologies. During this webinar we discuss:

  • Funding and Resources to accelerate your Azure journey
  • A dive into the funded assessments available from Microsoft:
    • Data & Infrastructure
    • Azure Virtual Desktop
    • Azure VMware Solution
    • Business Value Analysis – Obtaining TCO and ROI for your business case
  • How to enrol into an assessment

Ready to find out more about how you can leverage Microsoft assessments? Download a copy of our webinar today.

Here are some organisations that have benefitted from these assessments.

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