Deploy and manage Windows 365

Given the need to work remotely and securely, there has been a huge demand for cloud-based solutions in the past year. Windows 365 modernises the way Windows experiences are delivered for anyone on any device. It’s a premium experience for both endusers and IT. It’s easy to use, and just as easy for IT to manage using familiar tools and processes. With Cloud PCs, all your compute performance and security are powered by the cloud. Not only that, applications, content, and settings all remain consistent across devices for a clean user experience. So, you can log in and everything is where you left it. So, each user has their own dedicated login and experience.​ 

How can Cloud Direct help?

Rapidly deploy Windows 365 with our end-to-end Windows 365 deployment package. Our deployment process is comprised of three distinct phases:


We’ll take care of the heavy lifting by linking your Windows 365 to Azure, configuring your security policies, securing your endpoints and creating pre-configured, ready-to-deploy Windows 365 desktop images for your user personas. 

Deploy and Manage

Finally, we’ll deploy Windows 365 in your organisation according to best-practice guidelines and help you manage Windows 365 alongside your Microsoft 365 suite. 

Assess your Hybrid Work maturity

We’ll assess the use-case of Windows 365 in your organisation and help you understand which Windows 365 licence would be most suitable by mapping user personas and conducting a security review. 

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