Microsoft adoption and change management

Boost productivity by ensuring your employees adopt Microsoft 365 – first time.

It doesn’t happen overnight

So you’re looking to successfully adopt Microsoft 365 or Office 365? Well, you’re looking in the right place. We’ve partnered with Combined Knowledge to offer industry leading change management solutions – including an on-demand training portal of interactive learning material covering all things Microsoft 365.
Rolling out the technology does not mean your employees will start using it as you intended them to. You need a clear change management plan to support every step of your roll-out, to help increase user adoption. You need to start building awareness and excitement around the project to get employees on board from the get-go. Allowing you to maximise ROI from your Microsoft 365 investment.

How can Cloud Direct help ensure Microsoft 365 adoption?

We will help your organisation embrace the power of Microsoft 365 to deliver a smooth transition followed by a positive user experience. What benefits could you see from our solution?

Share the vision

Ensure your employees understand the reasons for adopting Microsoft 365 – and demonstrate how it benefits them.

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Accelerate ROI

You’ll see a quicker and higher return on investment as more of your employees embrace their new way of working from the word go.

Reduce support requests

Start the right way. Give end-users the tools they need to equip themselves – and flourish.

Put tech on the map

Raise the profile of IT within the organisation. Be seen as a key enabler of strategic growth.

Invest in staff

Develop the skills that will help your teams keep pace with technology.

Combine expertise

The good news for you is you can work with two experts to ensure your business adopts Microsoft 365 as planned. Both Cloud Direct and Combined Knowledge are Microsoft Gold Partners – making us experts of our fields. Not to mention, Cloud Direct rolled-out the first Microsoft 365 migration in the UK.
Bringing together two Microsoft specialists will enable you to benefit from both technical and change management expertise. Allowing you to ensure a smooth and strategic digital transformation.

Streamline your teams workflow

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