Microsoft asks partner Brett Raynes: why come to Microsoft Inspire?

Interviewed at Microsoft Inspire 2016, Toronto, Canada: hear why Cloud Direct founder and CEO Brett Raynes attends Microsoft Inspire events to prepare for the future.

After last year’s brain-filling Inspire event in Toronto, Canada, Cloud Direct will be travelling to Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington DC this July.

There, alongside other Microsoft global partners, we will find help with collaboration, innovation and building a visionary future for our businesses.

Video transcript

Why should partners come to Microsoft Inspire?

Brett Raynes, CEO and founder, Cloud Direct said:

“In general, to become inspired about all the innovations that are going on, what we can do to transform our business. We’re a partner with Microsoft and we’re switching everything over to the Microsoft stack, so it’s a great place to come and learn about everything that’s going on so you can plan for the future.

“In fact, last year I came on my own for the first time and it was so good and there was so much information that I couldn’t disseminate it all to the company. So, I brought four people with me this year just to spread the word. So it’s just to learn and absorb everything that’s going on.

“I think it’s spending time with the right people. Not just Microsoft, it’s partner to partner networking. There’s so much to do, you can’t do it all yourself. That realisation that it’s more of a web – it’s not a hierarchical thing – it’s more a multi-dimensional web.

“I think my brain is full. Completely full of new ideas and technologies, something we can take back – all the principles and technologies we can apply to our own business – how to weave change, because we are changing as well.

“The essence of empowerment. It’s about enforcing that, and starting with that message. And that consistency is important because if you believe in the partner – Microsoft in our case – then you can back it and invest in it because you believe there’s something there.”

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