Scaling up in Azure

If you’re looking to grow your Azure environment, then you’ve come to the right place.

How to prepare for a safe take-off in Azure

Whilst some workloads can be easily migrated to Azure with little adaption – these are the ones we target in our first phase migration – many will need to be re-configured for performance and cost optimisation.

To realise the true potential of Azure and build a scalable base from which to confidently grow we start with Azure landing zones, as part of our best practice Cloud Adoption Framework. Azure landing zones are the fundamental structure which put security and optimal performance at the core of your cloud environment. They can be implemented from the beginning or integrated into an existing configuration to support your workloads and provide additional security. Azure landing zones provide a scalable, modular approach to building out your environment based on a common set of design areas which helps to futureproof the Azure environment for growth.

Plus, our Azure Expert MSP status provides us with exclusive access to Microsoft assessments and funding.

The process

Stage 1 - Discovery

Introductory consultation with Azure Experts to introduce the Azure landing zone, review existing environment and agree a deployment strategy.

Stage 2 - Deployment

The landing zone is deployed in Azure and documented. We will define the standards and policies based on your technical requirements.

Stage 3 - Knowledge transfer

We share and run through a detailed breakdown of the Azure landing zone deployment as part of our Knowledge Transfer process.

Our Azure Scale-up consultancy provides a detailed summary of the landing zone deployment as well as an enhanced governance and a secure Azure environment on which to invest and grow.

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