Sentinel Managed Service

Deploying Sentinel is the first step. Keeping it running smoothly is the next challenge to overcome.

A strong security posture is your first line of defence, which is exactly why we start with that. But it’s not enough on its own. Managed Sentinel is a 24/7/365 service to monitor, triage and alert you of threats in real-time.

What's included

Fully managed security
  • Security and governance posture management with Microsoft Defender for Cloud to sustain resilience
  • Connector creation & maintenance
  • Workbook and dashboard management
  • Expert security analysts based in a global cloud centre-of-excellence
  • Security and reporting automation
SOC capabilities
  • Adding SOC-as-a-service helps you to bring in enterprise-class security management without the price tag
  • Adding our SOC to Managed Sentinel means we’ll respond to threats around the clock on your behalf
‘Eyes on’ threat detection
  • 24x7x365 monitoring, triaging and alerting of threats
  • Threats triaged and classified for speed and convenience
  • Fed directly into your SOC team following defined escalation paths

Manage Sentinel with an Azure Expert MSP

As an Azure Expert MSP, it’s safe to say we know Azure like the back of our hands. Our expert status gives us privileged access to the latest Azure technology before you even know about it. So, when you’re looking for help adopting it, we can be there to support you. Which is exactly what we’ve done with Sentinel. Plus, as an Azure Expert MSP we get access to exclusive Microsoft funding and assessments for you to leverage.

How to manage your security with Microsoft Sentinel

As part of our Microsoft Security Week, we were joined by Sean O’Brien, Azure Practice Lead at Cloud Direct, to talk about How to manage your security with Microsoft Sentinel. During this exclusive session, you’ll get to know the power of Microsoft Sentinel and how you’re able to use it to monitor and manage your security.

Stay one step ahead with Managed Sentinel

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