Microsoft Sentinel Proof of Concept

Use a tried-and-tested approach to assess Sentinel

Looking to deploy the first cloud-native SIEM and SOAR solution? Starting can be daunting, but our Sentinel Proof of Concept is here to guide you through the assess, plan, and deploy process in a tried-and-tested workshop format.

Whether you already have a Security Operations Centre (SOC) or not, our workshop caters to both scenarios, providing you with a risk-free opportunity to test Sentinel and experience its benefits firsthand.

What’s in it for you?

Test-drive the value of Sentinel

Our experts will work closely with you to deploy and monitor workloads. This hands-on experience allows you to witness the power of Sentinel and understand its value before committing to a full roll-out.

See how it adapts to your operating model

The Proof of Concept is designed to provide visibility into genuine security threats. It can be deployed with or without an in-house SOC, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with your organisation’s setup.

Access Microsoft funded resources

As an Azure Expert MSP, we can help you access exclusive funded resources. Funding opportunities are available for running the Sentinel Proof of Concept.

Cloud Direct’s Proof of Concept

Assess your current level of security risk
  • Analyse your requirements and priorities​
  • Define scope & deploy Sentinel​ for selected workloads
  • Use temporary credits to initiate remote monitoring and proactive threat hunting to discover attack indicators
Explore the ‘art of the possible’

Discover threats and demonstrate how to automate responses

Engage in the POC in one of two scenarios:​

  • Remote monitoring​ without a SOC
  • Joint threat exploration​ with a SOC
Build the plan

Our experts will recommend next steps on how to proceed with a full implementation of Microsoft Sentinel

How to manage your security with Microsoft Sentinel

As part of our Microsoft Security Week, we were joined by Sean O’Brien, Azure Practice Lead at Cloud Direct, to talk about How to manage your security with Microsoft Sentinel. During this exclusive session, you’ll get to know the power of Microsoft Sentinel and how you’re able to use it to monitor and manage your security.

Stop threats in real-time

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