Enhance Your Security with Azure Sentinel Health Check

Deploying Azure Sentinel is just the beginning; ensuring it runs smoothly is crucial to safeguard your business. Discover the power of Azure Sentinel Health Check – a comprehensive assessment service designed to optimise your deployment’s performance and identify key areas for improvement.

What's Included


We’ll take a step back to review why you initially deployed Sentinel, review the technical designs and delve into the operational issues you’re facing. 


 We’ll take an in-depth look at the platform configuration and analyse the performance of each component to identify specific areas for improvement. 

Action Plan

 Your recommendations will be prioritised by their relevance, impact, and value against your business objectives. We’ll walk you through the findings to help you understand where to go next. 

How to manage your security with Microsoft Sentinel

As part of our Microsoft Security Week, we were joined by Sean O’Brien, Azure Practice Lead at Cloud Direct, to talk about How to manage your security with Microsoft Sentinel. During this exclusive session, you’ll get to know the power of Microsoft Sentinel and how you’re able to use it to monitor and manage your security. 

Maximise threat visibility with a Sentinel Health Check

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