Put technology at the centre of your business with a Cloud Centre of Excellence

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Putting technology at the heart of your business is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. At Cloud Direct, we understand the transformative power of the cloud, and we’re here to help you harness it with a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE).

What is a CCoE?

A CCoE isn’t just a cloud team, it’s a cross-functional fusion of expertise that brings together individuals from a range of departments. From IT specialists to finance analysts, legal advisors, project managers, cloud architects, security experts, and operations managers; a CCoE collaborates to ensure that cloud strategies are integrated into every facet of your business. These roles unite to deliver innovation, efficiency, and excellence, allowing your organisation to exploit the cloud’s full potential.

A CCoE combines technology, processes, and people to achieve business alignment and cloud success. By fostering collaboration and innovation, a CCoE not only drives efficiency but also embeds a culture of continuous improvement and education within your organisation.

We’re about teaching

Embarking on a CCoE journey requires careful planning and a clear understanding of where you currently stand. Our ‘teach don’t sell’ mantra is grounded in delivering long-term value for our customers. That starts with a consultative review of your CCoE maturity. Our experts will guide you through the assessment, providing insights and recommendations tailored to your unique business needs.

Cloud Strategy
Cloud Operations
Cloud Security and Compliance
Business and IT Alignment
Cloud Culture and Organisation
Cloud Architecture

Building a CCoE

Our service provide an in-depth assessment of your current cloud operating model across people, process, and technology. This is the foundation of any sound CCoE implementation strategy.

What is the maturity level of your cloud capabilities?

We want to make sure you get the most out of your cloud experience. That’s why we have a Cloud Centre of Excellence Innovation Workshop. We can help you assess your cloud maturity and learn about the key domains of cloud computing. We will walk you through the focus areas and best practices for your cloud journey

What does this mean for your business?

It means we’ll identify the next steps required to build your own CCoE. But we don’t stop there. Our seasoned experts will work closely with your team, mapping out a strategic path that aligns with industry best practice and puts you in the driving seat. Embrace the future by putting technology at the core of your business. You’re not just adopting the cloud; you’re transforming your business.

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