A Day in the Life of Thoroughly Modern Mobile Millie: Endpoint Protection for Business

Millie doesn’t have time to worry about cybercrime; she’s trying to run her business. But she knows that faster attacks, more files held for ransom, and a snake pit of malicious code doing the rounds are all putting her increasingly mobile business at risk. Luckily for Millie, her IT manager is switched on to endpoint protection, keeping her business safe from data corruption, data breaches and data loss. Here’s what happened one day in the life of Thoroughly Mobile Millie.

08:00 hours – Millie avoids opening a phishing email

As Millie unwinds after her gym workout, she takes 20 minutes over a coffee to check her emails.  In the midst of them, she finds one from her malware and virus detection software app, warning her against a potential threat. Not recognising the sender, she chooses to blacklist the email.

Smart decision.

Had it not been for the real-time detection model her IT manager set up, in a millisecond, she could’ve exposed her business and contacts to data corruption via the latest evolution of email attack.

Unlike traditional detection models, this endpoint protection module uses file pattern and predictive behaviour recognition, scanning all emails superfast, protecting the business without slowing down Millie’s busy day.

At the same time, Millie’s IT manager is able to access the app’s Web-based portal to manage and report on the entire company’s activities, without having to worry about onsite server hardware or software, and the hassles of managing daily signatures or updates.

09:00 hours – Millie arrives in the office to discover an employee has lost their iPad

It’s what we all dread. Losing a laptop, smartphone or tablet with sensitive customer data – not to mention business data. Every year, thousands of business devices are lost or stolen, exposing organisations to the risk of data breaches, fines from the ICO – damaging business reputations and customer confidence.

However, with their endpoint protection set-up, Millie’s IT manager quickly steps in to lockdown the device and wipe sensitive data. He’s easily able to monitor and secure activity without compromising the mortified employee’s privacy.

11:00 hours – Millie welcomes three new recruits, already governed by endpoint protection

Millie’s business is flexible. It has to be. So as employee numbers grows, contract and grow again, their endpoint protection scales accordingly. This keeps her business secure and compliant with data governance and industry regulations.

And it’s all managed by her IT manager, from one central point. He’s also supported with out-of-the-box advanced system reporting, automated report generation, delivery and proactive metric-based backup management.

12:00 hours – Millie travels to a meeting with her lawyers, and needs to access files on the way

In the taxi on the way to meeting with her lawyer, Millie and a colleague need to make some last-minute changes to a document. A quick Skype for Business message exchange with a colleague in the office directs them to the file, which they access, collaborate on with their office-based colleague, amend and save. Changes are effected immediately and accessible across the business, to both office and remote workers alike. It’s also backed up. This means Millie’s business continues to work at the speed required, they’re productive and there’s no need to waste their IT manager’s budget or time – support costs are minimised.

13:00 hours – Lawyers can get the information they need quickly – with the Legal Hold application

Finding the right data you need quickly is no easy task for any legal team. With the best endpoint protection package for the business, Millie’s IT manager has made data retrieval fast and secure.

With compliant seven-year archiving and eDiscovery, the information the lawyers need is found quickly, saving Millie further the need to pay for costly consultants, legal services and third party tools. It automates and centralises backup and search of data across devices. So IT and legal teams can easily identify, collect, preserver and review potential data internally.

16:00 hours – Millie’s management team reviews their ISO 27001 compliance requirements

With the case meeting out of the way, Millie heads back to the office for a compliance meeting with her management team. To help them keep customers and win new business in an increasingly competitive business environment, Mille is keen to assure her customers of her business commitment to keeping their data secure.

Using the same backup package that protects business critical information of more than four million other corporate users, Millie is able to provide that guarantee with ISO 27001 data security protection.  Advanced encryption and other top-level security procedures and protocols safeguard her business data at all times – during transmission, storage and recovery.

22:30 hours – With endpoint protection, Millie and her IT manager have peace of mind

Safe in the knowledge that the business is protected 24/7, Millie and her IT manager can get a good night’s sleep. (Even though someone, somewhere, is working out a new way to disrupt this…)