Non-Profit Azure Migration Bootcamp

Interactive sessions on Wednesday 8th and 15th March at 10 – 11 AM

Plus self-learning paths and 1:1 Assessments, Workshops and Proof of Concepts

Accelerate your Microsoft journey

Looking to migrate to Azure, but not sure where to start? We’re here to help you kickstart your journey with our Non-Profit Azure Migration Bootcamp.

The first part of our Bootcamp is the two interactive, expert-led sessions below. By the end of these sessions, you’ll be guided by our experts down a self-learning path or qualify for exclusive 1:1 workshops, assessments and Proof of Concepts.

Signing up will give you exclusive access to:

Expert session one: Setting yourself up for a successful migration

Wednesday 8th March, 10 – 11 AM

Session one will focus on helping you to ensure you have the right foundation in place to have a seamless migration:

Reviewing your business’s strategy in line with migrating
Guidance on building a digital Transformation business case
How to assess partner support needed
Technical skill planning

Expert session two: Making your migration a reality

Wednesday 16th March, 10 – 11 AM

Session two is all about kickstarting your migration to Azure:

Microsoft assessments to accelerate your migration
Planning a successful migration
Considering Landing Zones and Governance
Effectively managing and optimising your environment

Self-learning paths

We will provide you with a dedicated self-learning path made up of guides, videos and blogs to help you progress your Microsoft journey.

1:1 workshops, assessments and Proof of Concepts

If you qualify, you will be eligible for various Microsoft and Cloud Direct funded workshops, assessments and Proof of Concepts to help accelerate your Azure journey.

What will you gain from our Bootcamp?

Expert-led advice on best practices

We’ll be highlighting how you can leverage Microsoft’s best practice guidance to ensure a successful migration.

Access resources to kickstart migration

You’ll get access to a range of resources to help accelerate your migration, no matter what stage you’re at.

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