Beginners guide to the Microsoft Secure Score

With new threats evolving it can be challenging for your organisation to stay protected. It’s time to review your security posture with the Microsoft Secure Score.

Do you want to know how secure your organisation truly is with Microsoft 365 (or Office 365 – PS did you know the licence names changed in 2020)? The Secure Score provides Microsoft 365 users with a security metric, providing an insight to their current level of protection. The score is calculated by analysing your regular activity and security settings in Microsoft 365, showing how aligned your organisation is with Microsoft’s best security practices by providing recommended steps to improve your security position in Microsoft 365. To view your Secure Score, you must have an administrative role within your organisation’s Microsoft 365. You can then view your score here.

Organisations utilising their Secure Score have seen it increase five times more than organisations who aren’t. Microsoft’s Secure Score will encourage you to utilise the security features that are already available, but you may not be aware of.

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What’s best is you don’t need to set anything up in order to view your score. It’s instantly available. Plus, if you have Microsoft Defender for Endpoint enabled, you’ll be able to view your Secure Score for Windows. Your Microsoft Secure Score is presented to you in a dashboard that’s made up of three key parts – your score, recommended actions and score analysis. But what do they tell you about your score?

Your Secure Score

Within your dashboard, you’ll be able to view your Secure Score, and how you compare against the industry average. Alongside this, you’ll be presented with a target score you can alter depending on how quickly you’re aiming to increase security. You’ll have the ability to increase your Secure Score at your own pace by setting your own target score through a slider. The higher you set your target score, the more recommended actions you’ll have. Have the flexibility you need to increase security.

Secure Score Recommendations

As mentioned above, you’ll be presented with a list of recommended actions in order to reach your target score. You can filter the actions by user impact, implementation cost and action type. This will help you prioritise actions based on your organisation’s security needs.  To find out more about a specific recommendation, simply click on it to discover what the action is helping you solve, how it will increase your overall score and what you’ll need to do to complete it. By implementing the recommended actions you’ll increase security in your organisation in no time!

Score Score Analysis

Everyone loves to see the progress they’ve made. In your Secure Score dashboard, you’ll be able to analyse how your score has changed over time, and how you compare to the average Secure Score. You can easily change the date ranges and view actions you took on specific days. Want to share your actions with other staff members? In Score Analyser, you can easily export the recommended action list for a specific date.

New security threats are on the rise, and keeping your business protected from these threats can be challenging. Utilising your Secure Score is the first step in the right direction to increase security within your organisation. It will help provide you with clear guidance to increase your security level – reducing the overall risks your business may face. The workplace is constantly evolving and whilst you’re keeping up with these trends, it’s important you do so securely – whether it’s implementing remote working or new online communication methods.

Migrating to Microsoft 365 Business will instantly increase your score by over 100. It comes with security features that Office 365 doesn’t have, including:

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Windows Defender
  • Mobile Device Management

Think of Microsoft 365 as an extra security fence around your organisation.


Secure Score Webinars

We’ve hosted a range of webinars around the Secure Score. If you’re looking to discover a thing or two about improving your Secure Score, then please download a copy of the relevant webinar below.

An introduction to the Secure Score
Want to find out more about the Office 365 Secure Score? You can download a copy of our webinar that will provide you with an introduction to the Office 365 Secure Score.
A look at the Secure Score Recommendations
We’re hosting a webinar on the Secure Score Recommendations and how you can start utilising them to improve your score.


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Our team of experts are here to help your organisation stay protected. We’ve put together Kickstart packages which are designed to help you increase security with Microsoft 365. To find out more about improving your Secure Score, get in contact with a member of our team today. We will be here to support your organisation’s first steps to increase security.

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