How to prepare your Azure Environment with a Landing Zone

On Demand webinar

Discover the importance of a Landing Zone when creating your Azure environment

When migrating to the cloud it can be easy to jump in headfirst. But you must take a step back and review things before you start your cloud journey. Whilst some workloads can be easily migrated to Azure with little adaption – these are the ones we target in our first phase migration – many will need to be re-configured for performance and cost optimisation.

To realise the true potential of Azure and build a scalable base, you should start with Azure Landing Zone. They are the fundamental structures that put security and optimal performance at the core of your cloud environment. Find out why you need to factor in a Landing Zone as part of your migration in our latest blog.

We’re hosting a webinar to show you the importance of deploying a Landing Zone during your Azure Migration. During this webinar our Azure Expert, Jonathan Moore, covers:

  • What is an Azure Landing Zone
  • Why you need to factor a Landing Zone into your migration
  • Elements of a Landing Zone to consider
  • Benefits of a Landing Zone
  • The deployment options for your Landing Zone

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