Reduce your business costs with Office 365 in five easy manoeuvres

To stay competitive on today’s changeable business waters, we’ve got to sail very tight ships. Businesses need to be able to extend their reach and grow efficiently, which means keeping a keen eye on costs. This blog outlines how Office 365 can help businesses trim costs to beat the weather and win the race in five easy manoeuvres.

With Office 365 you can…

  1. Lower your costs and hang on to your capital because with Office 365 you DON’T need to invest in:
    • Server hardware for Office 365 applications (such as Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and OneDrive)
    • SSL certificates
    • Upgraded network infrastructure to support new servers
    • Basic level backup and disaster recovery
    • Basic anti-spam, anti-virus or security software
    • Server space, power and cooling costs

    Instead, Microsoft has all that covered for you. And if you’re a highly regulated business that requires the highest levels of security and business continuity, we can help with that, too. We’re ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 accredited and have been helping highly secure businesses stay that way for years.

  2. Get the latest tools without CapEx investment
    • Get access to the latest versions of the Microsoft productivity tools automatically, with no CapEx investment
    • Get automatically upgraded to the latest server products (Exchange, Skype for Business etc)
  3. Avoid over-spending on IT hardware and software
    • No need to invest and over spend for hardware or licencing capacity that you don’t need
    • Increase/decrease your monthly licensing according to your business requirements – this helps you align your IT costs with your forecasted usage
  4. Control your costs
    • You can scale your costs as your business changes – for example you may need to ramp things up August through December, and then decrease licenses come January
    • Great for businesses with seasonal or temporary workers
  5. Spend less, get more
    • If you’re looking to move to Office 365 we can offer you free email migration until the end of March 2015
    • If you’re an existing Office 365 user and would like a few hours of consultation from our professional services team, please get in touch

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