Driving application sales with Microsoft Azure

Recorded webinar

Discover how Microsoft Azure can enable you to sell more during our webinar.

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to establish a variety of channels through which to sell their application. In doing so, you’re able to unlock new markets, hit revenue goals and ultimately achieve fearless growth. In this webinar, we’ll help you understand how Microsoft Azure can enable you to sell more and how you can go about kickstarting your relationship with Microsoft.

During this webinar, our Azure Commercial Manager, Liam Ryan, will dive into:

  • Introduction to how Microsoft Azure helps businesses sell more
  • How you can leverage Microsoft to make more sales
  • How to obtain more leads
  • How to kickstart your relationship with Microsoft
  • Relationship options that you have

If you’re looking to sell more of your application, this webinar’s for you. Watch the webinar to discover the Microsoft resources and support available to you.

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