Disaster Recovery as a
Service (DRaaS)

Disasters happen. But it should never affect your business.

Disasters happen. But it should never affect your business.

Microsoft Azure
Your Ultimate Wingman

Securing your critical business data is a no-brainer. Flood? Server failure? Viruses? No problem. Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery are like digital adrenalin shots to the heart of your business. Should disaster strike, you’ll be back up and running within minutes. No loss, no mess, no fuss – so you can carry on doing what’s important. Business as usual, just better.

DID YOU KNOW?Microsoft spends over 1 billion dollars a year on cyber-security, making Azure one of the safest products on the planet.

Not on the cloud?
Discover the costs of server downtime.

Your data is your most valuable asset. Makes sense to protect it with the best.

Fast Recovery Icon
Fast recovery

Disaster? Get back up and running in minutes with automated recovery.

Health Monitoring Icon
Health monitoring

Custom-built dashboard pulls all your critical data together for easy monitoring.

Security Icon
Robust security

Enjoy peace of mind with one of the safest products in the world.

Frequent Backups Icon
Frequent backups

Backs up often to ensure all data is up to date and secure.

Pay As You Go Icon
Pay as you go

Only pay for the time and data you use. No lump sums.

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24/7 Support

You’ve got questions? We’ve got the answers. Any time you need us.

Azure is cheaper than our incumbent backup – we’ve made considerable savings using an easy migration path.
Stephen Court - IT Supervisor Crondall Energy
Cloud Direct has been great at helping us transform our business and lead the way in our market by supporting us to adopt the latest technology
Sebastian Ailioaie - Group Digital Manager

We keep you secure with tailored safety

We’re all about keeping you safe in the way that suits your business best. We look at your unique structure and combine the best disaster recovery services in the business to create a bespoke solution for yours.

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Icon
Azure Site Recovery

Coordinates virtual-machine and physical-server replication, failover, and failback. Workloads are always available, no matter what the disaster.

Microsoft Azure Backup Icon
Azure Backup

Protects your data on-premises and in the cloud, keeping it safe and recoverable at all times.

We’ve got your back. And your backups.

There’s nothing more valuable than your business data. And losing it is not a risk you should be willing to take. Get your data on lockdown, today.