GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Cloud Direct can help you prepare for GDPR compliance with a package to suit your organisation. We can provide you with training, advice, an audit, a roadmap and remediation.

Is your organisation prepared for May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance? Have you started your GDPR project? Or are you feeling overwhelmed? Our GDPR practitioners can help.

As a cloud services provider (CSP) of productivity software, we understand that much of the compliance activity surrounding the GDPR involves the products we supply. Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Windows 10 are all part of the systems that will be required to maintain and secure data under the new law.

So, to help our customers and other small-medium organisations prepare for GDPR compliance, our team of independent, GDPR certified practitioners will work with you to understand your business and advise you on what you need to do. If that means a change to your IT or processes, we can help deliver that as well.

We offer three GDPR support packages. They differ depending on your requirements, such as company size, and whether you require training, a basic assessment and advice, or a full assessment, detailed roadmap and remediation.

GDPR preparation packages

Depending on your package choice, you can come away either with a simple but firm grasp on what areas you need to address or, if you go with option three, you will have a full and detailed roadmap indicating how and when you will be GDPR compliant. 


Option One

Option Two

Option Three


1.5 days

5 days

25 days

Who is it?

Ideal for smaller organisations that have a good grasp on their data and capacity to manage the process

Ideal for companies with multiple teams, databases, and processes that need a central review ahead of preparing for GDPR

Ideal for mid-size and larger organisations. The project undertaken in option three will ensure that your business is compliant with GDPR regulations

One-day GDPR awareness training
- Introduction
- Key requirements
- Six principles of compliance
- Sanctions




Gap analysis

Framework provided for self-assessment of compliance against GDPR

Half-day workshop to analyse self-assessment results

Performed by our auditor of the company’s ability to comply to GDPR

Analysis of compliance against GDPR principles

Performed by our auditor of the company’s ability to comply to GDPR

Analysis of compliance against GDPR principles

IT solutions
Suggestions for IT solutions to keep you compliant with minimal effort




Detailed reporting


Detailed report presented to the board and key stakeholders


Project plan and team creation




Data inventory analysis




Identification and analysis of high-risk databases





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