The Different Types of IT Services

With businesses employing the use of a vast array of computer technology, it can become a challenge to keep on top of each and every IT process. If you are struggling to get to grips with the many programmes and services your company requires, it may be advisable to consider outsourcing to a professional team. The dedicated specialists here at Cloud Direct are able to work efficiently, offering a range of IT Services in London to give you the support you need.

The size of your company will determine what level of support is necessary, so read on as we take you through the possibilities for small, medium and large businesses.

Small (Less than 50 Employees)

Smaller organisations will most likely not have a fully-fledged IT department in place.

Medium (50-250 Employees)

Whilst some medium sized companies will hire an in-house IT team, others prefer to outsource due to the difference in cost, as a full time IT employee usually has a salary of £35,000-£50,000 a year. There are many other advantages of outsourcing your IT, most notably the fact that rather than just one individual taking charge, we can offer a selection of professionals with experience in different processes, so no matter what you need, you are guaranteed a high level of service.

Large (250+ Employers)

Outsourcing for large businesses can be highly advantageous as operations such as network management, helpdesk and server operations can be dealt with by us, leaving your IT department to concentrate on other technological procedures and developments.

The day to day running of your business can be greatly aided by many things, from outsourcing your IT for maximum efficiency to calling upon professional shredding services London that ensures confidentiality at all times.