The low-cost, high-productivity alternative to expensive new laptops

As much as you’d like to buy everyone in your company the latest and greatest laptops, for now, the budget says no. It happens. You need an alternative to expensive new laptops.

Fortunately, there’s the ‘thin client’ model. Yes, it’s been an option for a while, but these days the model has matured into a truly viable way to keep your business up-to-date without breaking the bank.

The fat-free option, please

A ‘thin client’ is a low-cost device that operates Citrix cloud-based software with few applications actually on the device itself. Instead, it provides an end-point for a server-hosted virtual desktop, meaning the computer itself doesn’t need much more than a small amount of storage, graphics and an internet connection.

You can even reuse your current ‘fat’ devices to do the same thing. Purpose-made ‘thin clients’ are comparatively cheap, and recycling your current devices is, well, free.

Why Azure-hosted Citrix VDI is the best diet plan

To do this effectively, you need to invest in cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Azure-hosted Citrix VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a gateway to making your business more:

  • Productive – Easy access means no need to wait until you’re back at the right desktop, you can get to your work wherever you are.
  • Flexible – You can work from home, from the train, from the beach…
  • Efficient – Old hardware won’t hold you back if it’s repurposed as a thin client.
  • Secure – No data leaves the cloud, ever.
  • Scalable – Azure’s powerful capabilities means you can build the platform to any size.

The question is – how?

Citrix VDI offers the security and simplicity of a centralised system, protected by redundancies, along with the personalisation required for each individual user. It allows for complete mobility, as employees can access their virtual desktop and applications from any device.

Citrix VDI has the power to enhance your company culture. You give your employees the option of flexible working. You enable BYOD (bring your own device) policies with the knowledge that the all sensitive company information is not on the device, but safely in the cloud.

It’s also a long-term solution. You can add as many users as you like to the system. And, it can be custom-fit for your workplace requirements, so you don’t have to compromise on functionality.

To find out more about using thin clients in your business, contact Cloud Direct today.