Threat Protection

Cloud Accelerator Workshop

Improve your security posture and protect your business from threats 

Businesses of all sizes are currently faced with growing data and alerts, whilst balancing tight budgets and legacy systems that can leave them vulnerable to threats.  

Are you looking to identify any real threats your organisation is currently faced with and build a plan that will help achieve mitigate these whilst achieving your broader security objectives? Well, you’re in luck. 

We’re running exclusive workshops that are designed to help secure your organisation to mitigate any threats. Our experts will help you gain visibility into immediate threats across your Microsoft environment, including emails, identity and data.  

By the end of this workshop, you will gain an understanding of: 

  • Your security goals and objectives 
  • What security threats your business may face
  • An overview of the Microsoft Security end-to-end story 
  • Microsoft’s product capabilities 
  • What your next steps to improving your security should be 

Are you ready to discover how you can protect your business from any potential threats? Sign up for our exclusive Threat Protection workshop.  

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