Top 10 reasons to choose Dynamics 365 for your CRM

From your first customer contact to post-sales support, Dynamics 365 gives you and your customer a great user experience. It combines sales, marketing and servicing tools to give you a clear view of all your customers. Yes, we think we’ve found the panacea for all CRM ills. Here are our top 10 ‘cures’.

You will:

1. Nurture customers for life

Your customer experience feels seamless, as Dynamics 365 integrates data across sales, marketing and services, connecting everyone to a single source of client information. This gives your customers consistency, unifying how they experience your business.

2. Catapult your business efficiency

Automate processes for lead qualifications, service issues and other business processes. This reduces the tedium, waste and risk of manual processes, freeing people’s time for more productive work.

3. Do business anywhere

No matter where you are, you can keep productive and up to speed with your customers. Tablet and mobile apps come free with your Dynamics 365 licences – this includes for Android, iOS and Windows.

4. Make timely, informed decisions

With Dynamics 365, you get clear insights from your business data. This comes down to Microsoft’s predictive analytics and digital intelligence, supported by machine learning.

5. Integrate easily with Microsoft Office 365

Have a great user experience, with deep integration between Dynamics 365 and Office 365, bringing together business processes and personal productivity. All your familiar tools will connect, such as Outlook, Excel, Word etc.

6. Manage all your relationships and business processes

Dynamics 365 easily adapts to your specific business and industry. It will manage all your relationships and all of your processes in one, connected application. This gives your business great scalability to fuel growth.

7. Adapt quickly to market changes

Dynamics 365 works in an agile cloud environment with built-in digital intelligence. This allows you to respond quickly to customer and market changes, keeping ahead of the game.

8. Safeguard your customer data

No matter where you do your business, Dynamics 365 keeps your customer data secure, and compliant with strict data privacy regulations.

9. Integrate all your data/applications into a single interface

With Dynamics 365, your accounting database, email marketing, websites, surveys and so on are all centralised into a single user interface. Everything’s so much easier.

10. Always have the latest CRM technology

Microsoft frequently updates Dynamics 365 with more and better features, to help you keep and grow your customer base. No organisation invests more in research and development than Microsoft, to make sure your customers benefit from the best technology out there.

Dynamics 365 is available as a cloud service, installed on-premises or as a hybrid partner-hosted service, so it fits each unique business requirement – and adapts as your priorities change.

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